Top 10 Tips on Writing Articles That Make Money Fast


Writing articles that sell products is about writing for a select target market, with a known audience and using selective keywords. Before even putting pen to paper you must decide what it is you wish to sell, who the audience for that product is, what will they want to hear to get them in the mood to purchase and what keywords need to be included.
1. Identify your audience. Writing articles is all about communication. And before you can communicate well you need to make an informed judgment about the knowledge and intelligence of your audience in relation to the topic you are writing about. If you are unsure in regards to their intelligence or you are writing to a broad range of people the best advice is to keep it simple and avoid Jargon.
2. Brainstorm Ideas. When initially coming up with ideas for your article it is good to brainstorm all the questions your audience will want answered. Customers who search on the internet, do so because they have questions that they want answered or fears they want to alleviate prior to making their purchase.
3. Be Passionate! You work out what it is you want to write about be passionate about producing a great article on that topic. Try to really help your readers answer their questions and alleviate fears or confusion.
4. Research your topic. If you lack information or knowledge on the topic you are writing about, simply do a search on forums or discussions or article web sites and find 4 to 5 good articles on the topic you wish to write about. Read these thoroughly then produce your own unique article using the information gathered. Always write from scratch to avoid copyright issues.
5. Time to write your draft. Now just begin writing, without worrying about formatting, grammar or spelling. It is vital to get the ideas down on paper and let the ideas flow. You can always edit your article once its is finished.
6. Begin editing and keep it short . Its time to refine your original work, looking at thing likes spelling, grammar, formatting, tense and ensuring the article and them in the article flows towards a convincing article on a particular topic. Keep paragraphs short at 1-2 sentences. Article readers want information in a clear and concise format.
7. Provide references. Seek reference material from third party experts or web sites that back your claims or points of view and include them in your article to give the article instant credibility.
8. When writing tips or how to: Tell them how and why to do it, then the cost of not doing something.
9. Use powerful headings and sub-headings. Heading likeHow To Blogare too ambiguous and broad and don’t various interest likeHow To Make $50,000 per year From Each Blog
10. Submit the Article There is absolutely no point in taking the time and effort to research, write and edit articles unless you are going to put them to work for you. Submit your articles to multiple directories and put them to work with a well constructed and powerful message in your bio box. The bio box must have a motivating call to action.