How to Make Money Fast on the Internet


You and I have both read stories about some one or other who has learned how to make money fast on the internet. But is it true is it really possible? If you are lucky you may even know someone who has just done that but are afraid to ask them how.
In the early days of the internet all you had to do was to register a top level dot com domain name and you could sell it shortly afterwards for many thousands. Unfortunately, those days are long gone now as all the best top level domain names were snapped up a long time ago. That was certainly the quickest way to make a killing.
But what about now what’s the best way right now if you want to know how to make money fast on the internet? Internet marketers will give you 101 theories on what is the best way. Most of them will have some merit in one way or another. However, there is one way which stands out that has more credibility then anything else. It’s been around since the dawn of the internet in fact the internet would not have expanded in such a phenomenal way without it because it relies on one thing the search engines love. Unique content. And it’s called article marketing.
It’s probably the most popular (as it is free to do) and good at attracting search engine traffic. As long as the keywords that you choose to write the article on are chosen well. If the article is written reasonably well it will be published by article directories and stay in the search engines for a long time sometimes many years. If its published by other relevant sites then you can expect back links to your site which means more visitors coming to you. There is a resource box at the end of the article which allows you to put a link to your site. By getting visitors to your site you can sell them on what you have to offer. Here is a good tip. Try to sell instantly downloadable information products that people are desperate to buy to get rid of a pain or a problem.
For example I had kidney stones at one time and the pain was terrible (the Doctor told me it was the nearest pain to childbirth a man can experience). Recently I found an e book on on how to get rid of kidney stones naturally just by drinking a safe and cheap solution. If I had seen this (before I was admitted to hospital) then spending $30 dollars to find out the ‘secret’ solution was nothing compared to the pain I had. It is much easier to sell to desperate people.
If you want to know how to make money fast on the internet then give article marketing a go. It’s a lot faster then people give it credit for especially when it does not cost anything. I have read many stories where total newbies have just concentrated on this and made a full time living in a couple of months. However, there are no magic pills and you have to put in the effort to get results. Many people think they are no good at writing and shy away from it. I was one of them. And I still don’t think I’m that good. But I have never had an article refused or rejected by an article directory. So if I can do it you can too.