How to Make Money Fast on the Internet – 5 Reasons Why I Failed!


If you want to learn how to make money fast on the Internet, you can find tons of ebooks and courses from many Internet marketinggurus“. But the question is this, if the gurus’ resources works, why 95% of the people out there failed in their online business? I am not aguruwho qualified to teach you how to make money fast on the Internet, but I wish to share with you my real life experience how I failed in my online business.
Here are the reasons why:
1) Didn’t Focused Nevertheless, this is the main reason why people fail to make money online. I have subscribed to many gurus’ newsletters, purchase many of their products and courses. You guess what? I was overwhelmed by tons of information and don’t know where and how to start.
2) Didn’t have a Plan My mentor Stephen Pierce (an online multi-millionaire) always say that: “if you fail to plan, you plan to fail!” I did not have a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly plan for my online business at all. So most of my time was spent on checking emails, reading others’ blogs, chatting and etc
3) Didn’t set goal My friends, I believe you have heard about this many times before (some of you are getting bored). That’s why I failed! I have no ideas how much money I want to make per month on the Internet. Unfortunately, I only managed to make few pennies from my Google AdSense.
4) Didn’t have a mentor I didn’t understand why the successful people always emphasize on why we need a mentor in order to become successful if any fields. Now I realize how important about mentoring, and I am willing to pay for it in order to shorten my trials and errors progress. (only pay for the best!)
5) Didn’t have a buddy Yes, you need at least one buddy to keep motivating you to continue making money on the Internet. Believe me, their ideas, guides and encouragement will help you save lots of time and money. Don’t repeat what I have done and failed in my online business. If you avoid these 5 mistakes, you will make money fast on the Internet compare to others.