How to Make Money at Home Online


This is a very popular question with many people falling prey to scams. So here is a straight forward and no nonsense article on how to make money at home online. To put it simply, money is made online when someone buys something. No sale, no profits. The most obvious examples are marketplaces online like eBay and, but what if you don’t have a store? What if you don’t have things to sell on eBay?
One of the most popular and successful ways regular people with no big corporate background and networks make money online is by niche marketing. There is a lot of profit potential in niche marketing and many millionaires are created by this kind of internet business.
Niche marketing is to specialize into a certain market and offer something of value to them. For example, Golf is a big niche with lots of people playing the game and looking for help. There are different levels of players, there are lots of things to learn and many problems that need answers. This is what makes niche marketing a fun and abundant business.
You don’t need to have your own product to sell: As you can make money by selling other people’s products (affiliate marketing) and advertising space on your site to start off. Niche marketing can of course be very profitable but in order to make real money doing it, you must follow these principles:
1) You MUST give value. You can’t just walk in an think of dollar signs and try to sell things to people. You need to see things from the market’s point of view. Understand what they want to learn, what their frustrations are, what their goals are. Only from there, you can really connect to your niche and give them what they want.
2) You need to think like a real business. Many people start off wanting to make fast money online and get sucked into get rich quick scams. Get real. Did you really think your computer would turn into a cash machine that prints cash out for you even when you’re sleeping? No. The online business principles are the same as that of real brick and mortar principles, it’s only the medium that business is done that is different.
Thinking like a real business means committing to building an asset. Only when you get this will you make real money online. The following two ways will allow you to build a real business:
A) Develop your biggest asset: You! Yes, I know it sounds cheesy but you are your business. Learn to think big, learn to be focused and how to stay positive, set goals. It’s beyond the scope of this article to go through every thing but there are plenty of personal development resources out there you can use. For example Steve Pavlina’s blog is a good resource.
Having a home based business sounds nice, but in reality requires a lot of discipline and self motivation. There’s no boss looking over you. The results you get are directly proportional to the amount of real work you put in.
B) Learn a decent system and stick to it. How many of you have jumped from one thing to another? Who has thoughtoh this is the next big thingand ended up with lots of unfinished projects?
On the one hand, it’s hard for people to know what system to stick to because every guru out there is always trying to sell you their system and telling you that theirs is the one you need! My point is that there isn’t ONE way to do things online. No matter which path you take, stick to it and don’t jump from one thing to another. It’s by focus that you get results.
Knowing which system works and to trust is also hard, but here are some tips: If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is. If something claims to make you $25 million in a year, run the other way. If what they are selling to you sounds vague, don’t go into something you don’t know. Trust your intuition, it’s usually right.