Freelance Writing Opportunities – 3 Tips to Make Money Fast


There are several ways to make money online. Some of these ways are extremely difficult, especially for the beginner. A lot of people have given up on affiliate marketing because it demands a lot more than generating a hop link and pasting some banners on your site. Without a handful of targeted traffic, you are not going to see the result.
If you’re just starting out online and want to earn a full-time income, I suggest you start from the easier part. Freelance writing can help you generate fast cash in a short while and you don’t have to sell, promote or even build a mailing list. There is a huge demand for freelance writers online because the web is powered via content. No matter the model of freelance writing you want, I’m sure you’ll be tired of approving jobs when you get a hold of it.
The tips below can help you make money as a freelance writer. Like everything worthwhile, it may take some time to master the pros and cons, but there is nothing too difficult to learn.
Learn Search Engine Optimization
Most of your freelance writing jobs would be based on writing seo articles. There are a lot of internet marketers who are desperate for keyword rich articles. If you can learn basic search engine optimization (ranking your content), then you’re one-inch away from your other writers. There are several free tools online to help you in this aspect and Google is there to assist in your research.
Approve Jobs You Can Do
Freelance writing jobs would come in mass, in order to succeed and meet up a deadline which is paramount to your future success, only approve jobs that you can do within the specified period. I know you might be tempted to approve all especially when the payout is pretty enticing, but don’t. Credibility speaks louder than anything as far as internet business is concerned.
Build Your Writing Portfolio
With the huge demand of writers out there, only those with a writing portfolio will benefit from it. In order not to be segregated and begin to lose writing jobs, create a business portfolio that showcase the recent and old jobs you have completed. One such way to build a writing portfolio is by designing a simple website or blog. You can also put your photo and contact address so that people would trust you more.
As you writing portfolio increases, you’ll be on your way to earning more per writing job you do. This is because; people who need your service will perceive your expertise and pay for it no matter how much you charge. A beginner may charge $10 per job but an expert can be paid $50 and above for the same job.